Friday, 9 November 2012

Moon Gloop

Following on from our Space centre we have been making moon pictures with what I like to call moon gloop.

This is basically flour and water but we added silver paint and glue so that we could stick pasta shapes into it for added effect and then we sprinkled it with glitter. (We tried adding glitter to the actual mixture but it just disappears)

It's a lovely tactile, gloopy mixture and we used glue spreaders to paste it into our paper. The glitter adds to the effect. I must say that our pictures look much nicer in real life, the photos don't do them justice. The texture of the gloop lends itself to the effect of the moon's surface.

Just to recap, here's what we used.

Mix flour, water and pva glue to make a quite stiff mixture.
Add paint if required.
Use glue spreaders to apply to preprinted circles.
Push in pasta or anything else you might want to use.
Sprinkle with silver glitter, we used a plastic spoon rather than the dispenser so that it would last for more than the first child.
Allow to dry.

We are going to cut ours out and put them on the wall as part of our space display, just not sure how long they'll take to dry!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Space Pod

Our children have been playing Star Wars a lot lately so we have been busy dismantling our Fairy Castle Role Play this week and putting up a very shiny Space Centre.

We used lots of Christmas wrapping paper and foil blankets (the kind given out to marathon runners or put in emergency boxes).

For the control console we used coloured counters (tiddlywinks) and bottle tops glued onto black card.

Google Images kindly provided a countdown timer and a pressure dial which were mounted onto black card and we also printed out labels for countdown, high pressure and danger.

Finally we glued a big yellow lid (from a sweetener jar) onto black card and labelled it 'Booster' in a suitably digital font.

Add labels, warnings, a space log, astronaught outfits if you have them and led fairy lights to finish it off.

We also added a couple of Phonics phones ( ) an old laptop and the top of a tardis just for the flashing light.

Can't wait to see the children's faces on monday morning.

Update: This was  a huge hit with the children, prompting lots of new vocabulary, cooperation, imagination and much much more.