Sunday, 21 May 2017

Paint in the Mud Kitchen

Now the weather is finally improving, we are spending even more time outside in our fabulous garden.  Feeling that the play in our mud kitchen was getting very low level, I decided to jazz it up a bit.

 Our mud kitchen just happens to be very close to our painting area so it only took a couple of log cookies painted for the children to be hooked and a whole new aspect opened up for our mud cookies.

 Combined with the chalk dust created by our grater and with garden flowers, easily accessed from the grass, delectable treats were soon cooking.

And soon we had a production line going.

Our children know that the paint has to stay within the painting area as I didn't want the whole garden changing colour but they were happy to ferry logs and stones over there for transforming.

Mud Kitchen... cheese graters and chalk

I have been thinking of ways to freshen up our much loved and well used mud kitchen area.

I recently watched a child attempt to grate a pebble on our old cheese grater and it got me thinking of something that would work. The solution that I reached was coloured outdoor chalk.

This works brilliantly and virtually the whole class has, in turn, watched in fascination as the previously familiar chalk is transformed into dust, and every child has begged for a turn. Very good practice for taking turns and sharing, great fine motor practice, lots of knowledge and understanding, looking at changes, and using tools comes into Media and Materials.

 The resulting dust is perfect for dusting 'cakes', colouring potions, making soups and a multitude of other recipes.

Obviously, we have talked about safety, sharp edges and grated knuckles, but we as a school are very into risk management rather than risk aversion and so far all of the children have survived.

I do intend to  introduce a pestle and mortar sometime soon and I have an idea that chalk may well be a very good candidate for that too.

Anyway, why not try it and if you have any other ideas for things that might grate well, please tell me in the comments. :-)