Friday, 14 December 2012

Magical Reindeer Food Shakers

Today we have been thinking about ways to make sure Santa visits our houses on Christmas Eve.  So to help we have been using McDonalds lidded containers which make the perfect shakers for scattering reindeer food outside our doors.

We started with the tubs and their lids...(we just asked at McDonalds who were happy to donate them to us)

And cut some coloured paper to fit. we decorated ours with pens but you can use anything to decorate them with.

We added a little poem too...

We stuck the paper on to the cup..

Then we added magical reindeer food, we used oats and glitter...

And put the lid on. Top tip... make sure that it's on properly, they can be tricky.

The little spout bit just flips back and hey presto, you have a ready made sprinkler!


Our children were really pleased and excited with their magic reindeer food sprinklers and have taken them home to keep safe til Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone. x

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