Wednesday, 18 June 2014

An old favourite... soapy sand.

Soapy Sand

We've recently had a big tray of sand in our classroom and the children have had the usual fun with it but it must be said that it was losing it's attraction, becoming a little passe. So I cast my mind back to my playgroup days for inspiration and remembered a little activity that used to be mentioned in the foundation stage guidance... Soapy Sand. We used to use it in a shallow builder's tray as a mark making activity as well as a sensory one.

This is really easy to make and only needs two ingredients plus water and the result is a frothy delight!

Play sand
Washing up liquid (I used Fairy Liquid)

The method couldn't be simpler,  squirt some washing up liquid over the sand (you don't need huge amounts, especially if you use a good quality washing up liquid like Fairy), begin to mix and agitate, adding a little water and mixing until the sand becomes light and frothy. You can experiment with different amounts of water, the more water you add the lighter the result will be. You can even get the children to mix it for you, it's that easy to make.

Sadly I don't have any photos of me making this, only these of it being played with but it's simple enough to make anyway.

I can't explain how different to normal sand this is, you have to try it to see. My children have had a wonderful time playing with this this week, hope yours do too.

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