Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Fairy Corner

For the last year we have had an old dolls house in a quiet corner of our garden. We used to put furniture and fairies out daily but lack of interest meant that we quietly stopped setting it up every day so it got even less attention and sat, sad and neglected.

It was on my list for the summer hols and amazingly I actually got round to having a think about how to draw the children in and get the dolls house working for us.

Standing back and looking at it objectively I could see several problems with it as it stood. Firstly it was in a dark, drab little corner and I think most of the children just didn't see it. Secondly the ground was rough and quite spiky, certainly too uncomfortable to sit on to play. Thirdly it wasn't well enough kitted out to spark any initial inspiration to play.

My first job was to cut back some of the overhanging branches and open the area out, creating a more welcoming area. Secondly I raised the dolls house onto a platform of rocks making it more accessible. Thirdly, I outlined an area around with rocks and filled this area with gravel from elsewhere in the garden. This immediately brightened the corner up and looked much more inviting.  I added some slate and cobbles for a bit of variety.

Then for the fun bit, I added lots of bits and bobs for open ended play. Most of these bits I picked up at car boots but some, like the fairies and trolls I bought off Ebay.

a little tea set on a flat rock for frog to give tea parties

An old bird feeder from my mum makes a perfect summer house for our fairies... watch out for that big spider!

An inviting area to play fairies.

Trolls can be captured in an old tea light holder

A new sign just in case anyone is in any doubt..

And the fairies soon moved in. :-)

At the minute the children love the bits and bobs but they do have a tendency to carry them around the garden and scatter them. I intend to add a couple of large logs, with cushions, for seats in front of the house to see if that anchors them. 

Do you have any more ideas or inspiration to improve my fairy corner?

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