Friday, 5 September 2014

Let there be (more) music...part 2

My last post was all about my new musical pipes (sounds like a medical condition- maybe I can get some cream for it!)

I was so pleased with them and with renewed vigour I set about bringing the rest of the area upto scratch.  Firstly the original pots and pans for bashing. They were still in great shape but the pole they where hanging from was hanging by a thread and no longer fit for purpose. Luckily I had a couple more stands and with a bit of laminate flooring, some spray paint (from Wilkos) a hook (Poundland) and a pack of wooden spoons (Poundland) I soon had a new instrument. I drilled some holes along the bottom of the cross plank for easier hanging and I even wrote a few musical words along the top for a literacy rich environment (words like 'pop' 'bang' 'jingle' ... you get the picture)

While I was looking for wood for the above projects I moved along length of corregated piping out of the way.. then inspiration struck... surely this was a new instrument. I threaded it onto a bit of wire and created a hook at the top for hanging, added a handful of gravel for additional sounds and hey presto...

I had intended to spray it in two colours but I liked the black showing through. This is played by either hitting it, shaking it or running a stick over the textured surface.

What I really wanted was a drum set. I had seen some beauties on Pinterest made of big logs constructed to look like real drum kits, but lacking the materials or skills to create one of these I cast around for alternatives..

An old Wii drum set sadly cluttering up my back bedroom. (I had previously tried to give this away but no one wants them anymore) The top two drums unscrew so I was able to change one for foil trays squashed flat. I found an old saucepan lid that fitted perfectly over one of the drums for a different sound and on another I added a flat wicker basket (unfortunately after I took this shot). I'll keep looking for different things to add for variety but this has been a big hit already.

To finish this project I tarted up the little milk shakers that the children made last year by treating them to a coat of spray paint and some insulating tape. We'll be making some more of these soon. And made a new sign by using emulsion paint of a big rock.

The old chimes are still hanging from last year, the original drums of stumps and buckets still work and I just need to find some chime bars from an old xylophone and/or hand bells.

I love the new area and more importantly, so do the children.

If you have any ideas that I can add I'd love to hear them :-)

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